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Monday, May 22, 2023

Miserere Luminis - Ordalie

For those in the know, Miserere Luminis are legends of Quebecois atmospheric black metal. The vaunted collaboration between Sombres Forets and Gris is, to some, the best thing both parties have ever created. There is something fascinating and charming about the music that they have crafted on Ordalie and it's hard not to be enthralled with the epic soundscapes and vision that they present to their listeners on this new, gorgeous offering. It's atmospheric black metal full of raw emotion and stellar production, keeping listeners in awe. 

There is a massive heft to Ordalie that makes it all the more impressive. It's a record that understands the weight of its own mix and the execution throughout is done with a sense of forward momentum and transcendence that is hard to deny. There are some surprisingly acrobatic guitar lines and vocal performances throughout. Rather than leaning into the more meditative aspects of the atmospheric black metal genre, Miserere Luminis find a way to create something that is as colorful as the most beautiful sunset, and with the same sense of fading hope. It's a potent listen and one that listeners will come back to repeatedly. 

Ordalie is a monumental effort and one that sparkles with post black metal brilliance just as much as it does atmoblack despair. The sense of poetry behind the music is clear and the mournful cries that ride on top of this vast mix are made all the more poignant when they start to crack. This is heart rending and depressive black metal done with a bleak view of the future. Fans of Gris and Sombres Forets should know, this record is greater than the sum of its parts and one that devout fans of either act will be enamored with. 

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