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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Mizmor - Prosaic


New Mizmor albums are an event. This Portland project was an early front runner in the burgeoning new USBM scene, and their albums have always been potently droning and sonically crushing offerings that drew listeners in only to expose them to incredibly bleak and punishing soundworlds. Prosaic is the groups first full length in four years and a marked step forward from all that has come before. Grief stricken and punishingly heavy, Prosaic is the sound of Mizmor embracing the next steps of their fascinating career.

Prosaic is crushing because of the vision Mizmor presents. The band once more manages to find their distinct blend of black metal and doom, delving into wondrous sorrow and crushing heaviness. Even with the same relatively stripped back soundscapes that have defined most of Mizmor's career to this point there is incredible emotional depth to the album. The long years that went into crafting this record were clearly well spent, with melodic solos decorating some of the most potent moments of tracks like "No Place To Arrive". It makes for a monumental offering that feels like the sound of mountains moving even as you try to wrap your head around the madness. 

This is an album that I already know is going to adorn countless year end shirts. This is an album that is going to be a landmark in the new history of American black metal. This is an album that is likely going to see Mizmor taking their career to levels once thought impossible for most American black metal artists. Prosaic is not just simply that good, it comes at a crucial time in the scene and represents something truly great within this music. Letting yourself get immersed in the emotional drama is only going to be entrancing for the devotees who spend their time with this music.

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