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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Order of Decay - Mortification Rites


Mortification Rites now that's a good name for an album. The brand of death doom that Order of Decay deliver on this album fits right in line with the album title- it's a sound that is undeniable and vicious, full of gnashing of teeth and unrelenting bottom end slaughter. Order of Decay have a wonderfully and distinctly underground vibe and it's hard not to be caught up in the magic and story of what they portray. It's horrifying stuff, much like the album cover, and it suggests a triumphant descent into unrelenting hellscapes

Order of Decay have perfected some absolutely monolithic guitar tones that shine throughout Mortification Rites. The band has found a way forward that is blasphemous and gloriously twisted, unrelenting heavy metal hate to keep you up at night. This isn't music for normal metal fans, but rather those of us who have delved deeper, uncovered forgotten secrets and are looking for a death doom experience that feels hellish above all else. Order of Decay conjure up exactly that, with a sort of sonic trepanning that is going to keep listeners up at night. This is what death doom was meant to be about after all. 

Suffice it to say - this is another excellent release from Sentient Ruin Laboratories, and even though Morification Rites is certainly a dense and punishing listen, by the standards of the label it's basically pop music. Order of Decay have drilled a hole in my skull with this record and it's way too much fun to let them keep cracking bones as they unleash unrelenting violence. By diving into Mortification Rites listeners need to prepare for carnage, and get ready to fall in love with the blissful agony of death doom all over again.

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