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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

RUIM - Black Royal Spiritism – I – O Sino da Igreja


RUIM is a truly exciting black metal project featuring two of the old gods, Blasphemer of Mayhem and Vltimas and Cesar Vesvre, known for his drumming in Aggressor and Thagirion. This is black metal that revisits the classic mid nineties style and has a wonderful sense of evil that can't help but to fascinate fans of the underground. This is black metal full of hard hitting riffs and tormented vocals. The impressive dynamic range showcased throughout only adds to the full moon mysticism of what's been crafted here for us to indulge in. 

Despite being very much a nineties style black metal record, that band find a way to bring in some surprisingly eclectic and personal touches. Black Royal Spiritism - I - O Sino da Igreja is a record that leans into Blasphemers own take on the left hand path, as inspired by the Brazilian witchcraft and Umbanda tradition that he's been educated in. The end result is a record that feels profoundly more evil than many of their peers, steeped in some wonderful darkness that is simply undeniable. When the band really unveils their inner demons one gets a sense of the pure torment that they want to communicate and the darkness within. 

Black Royal Spiritism - I - O Sino da Igreja is a hyper powered and thrilling project, a record that isn't just an impressive debut, but an impressibe lback metal record full stop. In an era where the genre seems to have cosplayers and posers around every corner, Blasphemer has proven once again why he is among the truest of the true. The performances on this album are undeniable and the sense of darkness that they purvey is addictive. Letting yourself get lost in these twisted visions is like getting lost in a gnarled old wood at night - simply terrifying.

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