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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Sammath - Grebbeberg


Ah - Dutch War Metal - how do I love thee, let me count the ways. Grebbeberg is the latest offering from the longtime masters, Sammath. This latest offering is a blunt force object straight into your eardrums. Building on classic Sammath formulas, this is war metal done right, with a taste for blood and a twisted vision of the future. The apocalyptic raids that they rain down upon listeners on Grennenerg are addictive and speaks to the wonderfully martial nature of the music. Despite it all though, Sammath remain a real ass heavy metal band and one that is never going to not appeal in all their bloodthirsty misery. 

There is something delightfully raw to what Grebbeberg accomplishes, the blazing fires that burn through tracks like "Murderous Artillery" are undeniable, and the unrelenting guitars and blasting drums make for hellish listening. This is an auditory battle crashing aroudn you and when turned all the way up you can start to get a sense for the horrors that obsesses the band. While Sammath are certainly not reinventing themselves 30 years in, Grebbeberg is proof positive that their formula works and it works damn well. It's blackened war metal that is going to keep those blood freaks obsessed with this genre fascinated for spin after spin. 

Grebbeberg is a crusher any way you slice it. It's a war metal record the war metal addict and one that will gleefully alienate any posers who aren't well versed in the genre. Sammath terrify with the bloodlust that they bring to the table and the ferocity of their execution. Grebbeberg is proof that with age war metal bands can become even more devastating and terrifying. If you find yourself looking for a twisting howling mass to throw yourself into, you could do a lot worse than the punishing auditory assault of Grebbeberg.

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