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Monday, May 1, 2023

The Kryptik - A Journey To The Darkest Kingdom


Some of my favorite black metal albums are the ones that present gigantic sprawling Lovecraftian worlds. Records where you find yourself wondering what fascinating horror could be around the next bend and where you are held in thrall with the black metal sorcery that the band presents before you. Such is the case with The Kryptik, whose new album, A Journey To The Darkest Kingdom is epic in scale, and surprisingly finds ways to justify its nearly 70 minute run time with mind boggling production to capture the imagination. 

A Journey To The Darkest Kingdom is black metal done right, with a passion and vision that's hard not to be enamored with. The band has found a way to consistently prove just how special their compositional abilities are and it's a delight to really let yourself get lost in the dark kingdoms of their sonic imagining. The Kryptik have a clear vision and as the howling winds surround you and you find yourself lost in the darkest cities of their imagination. It's Brazilian symphonic black metal that proves that genre descriptor isn't a dirty word for sycophants and posers, but rather proof that symphonic black metal is still fertile with wonderfully kvlt ideas. 

The Kryptik have unveiled their most wonderful darkness immaculately on this record and in a way that feels consistent throughout without ever boring the listener. As much as they lean into symphonic elements, the band really is much more rooted in kvlt second wave Norwegian black metal than anything else. The end result is a record that feels wonderfully human and speaks to the bands brooding sense of chaos that is certain to draw listeners in and keep them begging for more. This is black metal done right, and you need its glorious misery in your life. 

Pre-order the album!

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