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Friday, June 23, 2023

Cales - Chants of Steel


Cales is the fantastically diverse and always interesting side project of Blackosh, perhaps best known for his work in bands like Root and Nifelheim. Cales though has always remained his personal passion project, and now seven albums in, he is continuing to unveil interesting and thoughtful extreme and epic metal that borrows from a wealthy range of influences across the European 80s and 90s metal scenes. The end result is Chants Of Steel one of his most wide ranging and intricately put together offerings so far. An entrancing record if there ever was one. 

Chants Of Steel shines because of the clarity of its vision and the way that Blackosh is so eagerly able to borrow from several sides of the underground. While on the one hand there is clear Bathory worship, other moments seem to eagerly borrow from Iron Maiden or even early Metallic. Cales is a project that has always been about uncovering new sides of its preferred influences, and Chants Of Steel is no exception. It shows Blackosh's creativity at full force, unpacking the history of metal and then repackaging it entirely in his own vision. There is something wonderfully enchanting about what Cales have brought to the table here, and I won't soon lose sight of it. 

It's rare to see a solo project that is able to continue this long with this level of passion and willingness to reinvent itself consistently, but such is the case with Chants Of Steel. It's dark and epic metal to fascinate listeners across the globe, getting broader release on the wonderful Edged Circle Productions. If you're looking for a delightful piece of underground obscura to sound the trumpets and showcase the incredible depth and alacrity of the Czech scene then search no more - Chants Of Steel is a mesmerizing and addictive offering.

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