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Monday, June 26, 2023

Of Darkness - Missa Tridentina


Funeral doom is such an interesting metal subgenre. The way that it can feel almost cosmic in scope and invoke bleak emotions that are sorrowful in a way few other pieces of music can be is entrancing. Such is the case with Of Darkness, whose new album Missa Tridentina is some of the most incredibly nihilistic funeral doom I've come across i na long while. Far removed from so many of the prettier sides of the genre, Missa Tridentina is much more about the bleakest and most apocalyptic sonic conjurations imaginable. 

It's hard not to be enamored with the crushing brutality of this music and the chaotic swirls of sound that they inject into a slowed down funeral doom crush. It's exactly the sort of thing that leaves us in shock and awe of the devastating sounds to emerge from this abyss. Songs like "Deus Qui Humanae Substantae" present an almost Dante-esque inferno of sound, full of creepy noises and tortured vocals layered on top of ominous pounding drums and crunching guitars. Missa Tridentina is much more about the terrifying vibes than it is anything else. There is no room for melody when you are unveiling sounds that are designed to drag listeners to hell. 

Few albums these days are able to fascinate me with the evil that they conjure up. Missa Tridentina though is fascinating in its evil. Few records feel so out and out satanic, or as devilish in their incarnations. This is an album that is unafraid to force listeners to face the brutal unreality of being and encourages them to embrace something blasphemous and forbidden. Take the left hand path and press play on this one of a kind album. It's exactly the sort of terrifyingly evil offering that I think drew most of us to metal in the first place. 

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