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Friday, June 2, 2023

Geld - Currency // Castration


The Australian metallic hardcore masters are back! Geld's new album Currency // Castration is a wonderfully hellish and delightfully fucked up offering of punk rock torment. The new album is intense in a way that few of the bands peers could ever touch on and the level of intensity that they bring to the table on this new album is delightful. The band finds ways to combine a variety of unique influences in order to unveil something that is noisy, passionate and wonderfully loud. It's intense and chaotic hardcore mayhem to leave listeners in awe as they carom between these delightfully high flying tracks. 

Currency // Castration shines because of its fast and loose performances and the balls out assault of the songwriting. This is a record that never really gets lost in the weeds but instead promises hard hitting riffs, lots of distortion and hellish noise soundscapes that make you feel like the universe is crashing down around you. It's a grinding and powerful listen that consistently proves just how unique the vision that Geld bring to the table is. They have found a way to burn brighter and brighter throughout the record until you're just about ready to stage dive, even from the comfort of your own home. Currency // Castration is an album that consistently ratchets up the violence and it's addictive for that. 

Geld have always found interesting ways to craft dynamic songs and this new album is no exception. There is a wonderful intensity to the performances found on this album and the chaos that they distill. It's a short listen at just over 20 minutes but that means its very replayable and that you're going to want to dive back into the symphony of emotions that Geld are able to unveil and bring collapsing around your ears. Gorgeously produced in all of its stripped back glory and ready to melt your face off Currency // Castration is a thrilling listen for the modern age. 

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