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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Serpent Corpse - Blood Sabbath

Serpent Corpse is another excellent band to be emerging from the ever fertile Montreal death metal scene. This debut full length is a gloriously depraved and wonderfully heavy abomination, beating listeners over the head with riffs and reminding us again and again exactly what makes them such an absurdly devilish and wonderfully evil force in the scene. Brutarian riffs and monster wall of sound production work together to craft a cavernously heavy piece of art that is guaranteed to leave listeners bleeding on the floor begging for more.

Blood Sabbath is crushing and it's hard to perceive it as otherwise. Serpent Corpse envelop listeners in groovy death metal riffs and unrelenting visions of hell. The massive soundscapes they craft and the high volume atrocities that shape this record are wonderfully compelling odes to underground metal slaughter. Serpent Corpse wear their old school death metal influences on their collective sleeve, but it's fun to hear how they unpack the genre and use it to assault listeners. Blood Sabbath is an album that elegantly executes on classic death metal ideas in order to beat listeners within an inch of their lives. It's bone grinding death metal for the modern age.

The Montreal scene is a busy one and when a band like Serpent Corpse emerges from it you know you're in for a good time. Blood Sabbath is a record that exemplifies just how exciting this scene is, and as you get lost in the massive production or immerse yourself in the gloriously detailed cover art you start to come to terms with what Serpent Corpse has accomplished here. Get ready to be coated in gore as soon as you turn this one on - it's a death metal addicts death metal album, and what else could you want for a Sunday afternoon listen?

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