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Friday, June 9, 2023

Johnny The Boy - You


It's fascinating when one band turns into a whole constellation of bands. Such is the case with Crippled Black Phoenix's latest offshoot - Johnny The Boy. Their music is more extreme and gnarled than their musical predecessor. The bands debut album You is a deliciously heavy and wonderfully twisted offering. It features gnarled screams, pounding guitars and a sense of ominous doom that's made all the more real by straight ahead approaches and stripped back drum beats. This is a band to capture the imagination and leave listeners wondering what could be coming next. 

You thrills listeners with the breadth of what's been proposed and the grander vision that they play a part of. It's a record that, while certainly heavier and more blackened than a lot of what goes on with Crippled Black Phoenix, still does not lose the grandiosity that helps to make the other band so exciting. Such is the enduring power of You, that the band is able to consistently drive forward, inspire listeners and leave us all curious to hear what the next paths are going to be as we all gaze into this deep and foreboding forest of sound. Johnny The Boy have cultivated something very different on this album and hearing it unfold is a delight. 

Johnny The Boy have found a distinct and exciting lane for themselves and this debut offering is a surprisingly vast release and one that eagerly pulls from a variety of influences and has me coming back for multiple listens. In a world where so much black metal seems to be following into a few of the same old traps, You finds a way to stand apart and represent a darker, more potent and beautifully twisted vision of a future foretold. This is one you're not going to want to miss, and it's out now, so go give it a listen, you owe it to yourself.

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