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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Weite - Assemblage

Now this is an interesting one. The Berlin heavy psych scene has long been a breeding ground for all manner of fascinating music and Weite is just another step down that path. Featuring members of Elder, Delving and High Fighter, Weite's debut Assemblage is an engrossing 40 minute instrumental heavy psych/kraut rock journey of epic proportions. While the record feels like a series of interconnected jams, these four tracks splay out before the listener with relatively simple instrumentations to leave us in awe and eager to find more depth in what has been unveiled here.

There is a very real depth to the music of Weite, and the gorgeous guitar tones and elegant bass playing lay on top of surprisingly busy drums in order to entrance listeners with some wonderfully chilled out vibes. It's hard not to be charmed by the simple elegance of what Weire have achieved on this record. It's an album that is broad in its scope and grandiose in the vision it presents to listeners. There is a certain vision that the band brings to the table and a poetry in the synths and rambling jams that define this album. As the record slowly finds its climax on the album closer "Murmuration" listeners get a sense of transcendent fulfillment. 

Assemblage is poetic and mesmerizing. While this normally very much isn't the type of music I might be into - Weite find a way to keep it enthralling and pointing at weirder futures. The krautrock magic of what's been accomplished here is very hard to deny. For those of us who indulge in Assemblage we will forever know we've been given a rare treat, a glimpse into darkness that doesn't come often. Weite are a veritable sonic force born from unique configurations of musicians. Let's hope we get to hear more from them soon. 

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