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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Metide - Erebos

Erebos is a stunner. It's a post metal record full of Neurosis-esque flourishes, thoughtful compositions and some really exciting performances certain to capture the imagination. There is a thrumming magic to Erebos that drives the whole thing forward, and a compelling vision behind the music that forces listeners to fall in love with what has been presented to us. It's music that feels abstract in its elegance but also which shines in the brooding visions that it presents to listeners as they delve ever deeper into what has been crafted here. 

Metide have found a way to really capture the imagination with their polychromatic songwriting and the abrasive vocals that provide its fitting counterpoint. Erebos is special because of these intermingled colors, the tasteful performances and the driving vision shaping some surprisingly compelling music. Metide are masters of dynamics and the compositions that sculpt Erebos are exactly the sort of thing to keep listeners in awe for many a spin. It's artsy to be sure, but someone picking up an album with this cover was probably expecting that anyway! 

For those of us seeking to immerse ourselves into the magic of post metal, Metide is a wonderful starting point. Balancing some compositional beauty with wonderfully gnarly vocals and some triumphantly saturated guitar tones, the music they lay out before us is something you can get lost in, replete with rich soundscapes and clear visions of a dark future that none of us can help but to fall in love with. Erebos is a stunner - what more could you want? 

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