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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Vexed - Negative Energy


 Every once in a while I review something on this blog that is most certainly not for me, but remains interesting. Such is the case with Vexed, whose new album Negative Energy is a wonderful slice of alt metal, replete with off kilter guitars, punishing vocals and a vision of violence certain to entrance modern metal listeners. 

The trademark bounce that defines a lot of Vexed's sound is addictive. It's a nu metal flourish to be sure, but they pull it off with aplomb, tying in nicely to the current wave of new metal ministrations that seem to get so many of the youth excited. There's certainly something undeniable about what Vexed are doing. Songs like "There's no place like home" bristle with energy and draw listeners in with intense vocal performances and thrumming guitar lines. It's alternative metal with a vibrant tempo to dominate festival stages. 

Negative Energy is an interesting listen and one that I think nicely reflects on a lot of the trends going on in metal right now. The band knows how to execute on these tropes with aplomb for a potent offering that owes just as much to Meshuggah as it does to Korn. Vexed have found a clear path forward with crushing vocals, downtuned guitars and just enough shred to keep it interesting. Grab a copy of this record and fall in love with the bounce.

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