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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Outer Heaven - Infinite Psychic Depths


It's been five years since a new Outer Heaven full length. And while in the interim we've had a Decibel flexi, a live album and a covers EP, I've really been hankering for some crushing riffs from the masters of sonic annihilation themselves. Infinite Psychic Depths is exactly that, living up to the demented hype of the band and hinting at all they can become. This is death metal done right, with a desire to crack skulls and drive listeners to madness. Yet - it's also a huge step up on the bands previous offerings, hinting at so much more to come. 

As always, Outer Heaven wear their influences on their collective sleeve. The obsession with old school death metal hasn't much shifted since I first started seeing this band play DIY shows a decade ago. Infinite Psychic Depths is a step forward for the band, but it's not a radically different representation of what they are about. Instead think of this as the Outer Heaven you know and love, just better. The assault that sculpts this record is absolutely pummeling too, it's hard not to be entranced with the gut churning brutality of tracks like "Drained Of Life" or the way it goes into the OSDM perfection that is "Liquified Mind". So many of the classic elements of what helps to make this band so compelling have come back to be exciting and devilish as ever. 

Infinite Psychic Depths is going to decorate countless death metal year end lists. It's an album that captures so much of what is engaging and delightful about this latest iteration of the genre. Outer Heaven are creating excellent old school death metal that benefits from hindsight and years of death metal dorkery from the bands main songwriters, picking out all their favorite parts of the genre and piecing it together into something absolutely mesmerizing. Infinite Psychic Depths is here to fuck your face off. Grab a copy and prepare to die. 

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