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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

The Circle - Of Awakening

It's Tuesday which means it's time to explore the depths of art metal mystery. Such is the power of AOP Records' very own The Circle. Their new album Of Awakening is a beautiful and transcendent offering leaning into many of the artsiest metal tropes. There is some impressive guitar playing, full production and an overarching sense that the poetry behind this music is going to keep you enthralled for years to come. It's wonderful to get to uncover a record that is this multilayered and gives the listener so much to sink their teeth into. 

It's hard not to be charmed by the beauty of what's unveiled here and the vision that the band brings to the table. This is artsy post black metal done right. There is an elegant poetry to the music and the music that they are executing is impressive. Every individual performance is full of surprisingly sublime moments, from the shred on "Reign Of The Black Sun" to the agile drum fills of "Ruins, My Dying World". Meanwhile the vocals remain delightfully monochromatic, providing an almost percussive backdrop to the walls of guitars that wash over the listener as they dig ever deeper into what has been crafted for listeners here. 

Of Awakening is a poetic offering and a record that I think fans of the deep underground are going to be entranced with. This is an album that understands itself and draws listeners of all stripes into admire the elegance of the execution and twisted vision that they bring to the table. Replete with sorrow and unrelentingly mournful, Of Awakening is a fascinating offering and one that showcases impressive musical skill. It's black metal to transcend and enchant. The Circle have found a path wholly their own and certain to bring you back. 

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