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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Invultation - Feral Legion


Unrelenting. Bitter. Monstrously brutal. These are the words one might use to describe the absolutely monolithic achievement that is Invultation's new album Feral Legion. It's ten tracks of unrelentingly devastating death metal that makes no compromises and enthralls listeners with the ongoing crush of its monochromatic assault. This is death metal done with respect for the old school, there are no melodies or production tricks. Just a bunch of guys, in a room playing unrepentant, unrelenting riffs to craft old school metal of death. 

Of course the full story isn't quite so simple. Tracks like "Burial Leech" are able to take advantage of more droning elements to mesmerize listeners. Meanwhile barn burners like "Human Caltrops" blast forward with Slayer-esque violence in order to leave listeners gasping for air. The nods to classic horror on "Mark of the Fang" only help to pad out a vision for the record that is very aware of the genres history. On top of all of this though are some beautifully vicious and intentionally vile gutturals that will drag the listener down to hell. For those of us enamored with these sorts of gut churning assaults on our sanity then Feral Legion is one of a kind. 

Invultation have found a way to add to the canon of horror obsessed old school death metal on Feral Legion and they do it with aplomb. While their sound is very much old school at heart they are unafarfraid to work in more interesting modern ideas to help keep this an engaging offering. There's something really to be said for death metal that has the benefit of hindisight. It means that Invultation's music is all the more devastating. With high replay value and tons of vicious basement vibes, Feral Legion is the blasphemy you need in your life. 

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