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Friday, July 21, 2023

Nixil - From the Wound Spilled Forth Fire


The USBM scene seems to be rapidly flourishing for the first time in years. Such is the case with the wonderful work of Nixil at least whose new album From The Wound Spilled Forth Fire one can find layers of eerie black metal darkness. The group has a level of ambition around their compositions not often found on this side of the Atlantic and while this doesn't always get executed with aplomb, it certainly makes for interesting listening guaranteed to keep you engaged. Nixil have found novel ways to spill venom and losing yourself in the abyss is a delight. 

From The Wound Spilled Forth Fire is a cerebral record. It doesn't just rely on black metal blast beats and tremolo picks. The album is indicative of a band who have a much broader set of black metal influences, pulling from some of the more expeirmental acts and finding ways to bring in new tiers of aplomb into the darkness. This ambition is hard to always live up too though and some of the tracks don't really speak to me simply because of the collusion of parts and maybe getting to cerebral for their own good. That being said - when this record shines it really shines. Tracks like "Collapsing The Poles" see the band living up to their potential and pointing towards twisted and bold new sonic futures. 

Nixil have found a fascinating and vile formula on From The Wound Spilled Forth Fire and it feels like the band is only going to be able to evolve from here. This is raw Maryland darkness like few other bands have ever been able to present and the high powered hate that they unleash throughout this album is entrancing. Cerebral, ambitious and very dense, Nixil hint at so much more to come, but for now we have to sate our warlust with the bitter offerings that have come forth on this latest album from the Baltimore aggressors.

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