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Thursday, August 3, 2023

Horrendous - Ontological Mysterium


After five long years of waiting Horrendous are back! After blowing all of our minds with Idol the band has returned with what is quite frankly their most impressive work yet. It's a record that feels firmly ahead of its time, with jazz flourishes, stunning vocals that elegantly mix cleans and growls, and just endless layers of riffage and heaviness. This is a death metal nerds death metal album, a record that breaks open the barriers of what the album can be and seems to set Horrendous on a path that they could, if they so chose, become a mainstream force. 

What impresses with this album is the anguilar riffs and the clearheaded devotion that they bring to their music. The songs hear rock in the strictest sense of the word. The Voivod-esque frills and the high powered performances are a ton of fun to listen too. Songs like "Neon Leviathan" are veritable shred fests in a way where I could see legions of kids going crazy moshing to them for years to come. This is what death metal is supposed to be about and Horrendous make it a blast to really sink your teeth into time and time again. Ontological Mysterium is an absolute masterpiece of an album and one that I think underground devotees are going to consistently come back too for years to come. 

I'm genuinely stunned with what Horrendous have brought to the table. It's such a huge step beyond what they've been able to do in the past and this is an absolute ROCKER. Ontological Mysterium is an album that shows Horrendous pushing their music to the absolute limits and speaking to the breadth of their performances. Horrendous have gone above and beyond in showing fans of the underground exactly how far this music can go. The musical skill on display is jaw dropping and awe inspiring, what more could you want from death meta's favored sons?

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