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Friday, August 4, 2023

Warcrab - The Howling Silence


I have been covering Warcrab in some capacity or another for over a decade almost purely because I thought there logo was badass when I was sixteen. Since then it's been a delight to watch these UK death sludge masters slowly evolve as a band, bringing in intense new performances and vicious visions to the table in order to make their music ever more crushing with each passing album. Now on The Howling Silence, their fourth full length, the band shows once more exactly why so many of us have been mesmerized with War Crab for so long. 

This album features some wonderfully massive tone. The wall of sound effect that comes crashing down around your ears on songs like "Sword Of Mars" is palpable. The bands ability to bring the crush seems to have only been augmented, with more flashy solos and more devastating rhythm assaults than ever. This record feels like perhaps the angriest Warcrab release yet, and also the one with the most insane guitar playing. The band has really leaned into some of the most fun aspects of their sound, making for a much more compelling listening experience sure to keep listeners engaged and curious to delve ever deeper into what's been done. 

The Howling Silence is a fitting next step for Warcrab. Out once more on their longstanding label Transcending Obscurity, Warcrab have found a way to manipulate and develop their trademark formula into something more powerful than ever. This is a really fun and engaging listen, a record that leans into some of the darkest sides of the sound but also which is unafraid to shred your face off with a delightfully fast guitar solo. This is definitely something worth thinking your teeth into and falling in love with again and again. 

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