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Friday, August 11, 2023

Knife - Heaven Into Dust


Knife is a band who understand the primal and powerful nature of heavy metal. Cutting through a stripped back mix, old school riffage and black metal stylings is Heaven Into Dust. Knife's second album is a huge step forward for them, a selection of great, high powered songs that can't help but to intrigue listeners. The bands mix of sounds has been dubbed 'black 'n' speed' and it makes for a wonderfully fun listen. This is a record full of twisted black metal snarls but counterbalanced with tight riffs and compositions worthy of Thin Lizzy.

This is metal done in a way that is impossible to look away from. Even though Knife are hitting all the classic black n' roll tropes on this record they have an intensity that makes them far too much fun to really sink your teeth into. Heaven Into Dust cracks skulls no matter where you look and the flashy playing, danceable rhythms and vintage metal imagery help to make for an album that is delightfully addictive. The massive old school metal stomp of a track like "With Torches They March" is undeniable and perfectly representative of what Knife are all about. It's fist pumping heavy metal that is going to keep pulling you back into the void. 

Heaven Into Dust crushes skulls no matter how you slice it, and Knife certainly do love slicing. Their speed metal songwriting and black metal vocals fuse to create something addictive and bloodthirsty. Knife understand what it means to send bodies flying and voices shouting. Heaven Into Dust is the sound of a band growing into their own, with a clear formula and a passion for old school heavy metal. While they certainly aren't reinventing the steel, Heaven Into Dust is a compelling and well scarred offering from a rising force.

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