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Monday, August 21, 2023

Sicut Glacies - Kalde Minner Fra Fortiden


Sicut Glacies is a fascinating project. Their combination of atmospheric folk and dungeon synth evokes a very specific vibe. It's a sound that hints just as much at neofolk as it does the dungeon synth of Wongraven and Mortiis. The sonic approach is creepy and yet strangely comforting, with dark sounds interlocking with potent atmospheres to make for a sound that is emotionally resonant, profoundly interesting and intricately put together. With Kalde Minner Fra Fortiden Sicut Glacies find a way to invoke true Norwegian darkness in a way that is wholly their own. 

This is a vibes heavy record, it's not one that is going to lure you in with massive hooks, but instead sorrowful songs of fjords and misty fields, of dark, endless nights and dark forests. It's a record that delves deep into the dark and is intentionally obscure in its subject matter. Just look at the album art, you can barely make it out, I had to look it up to make sure I had the right art even, but that's exactly what draws people in. Kalde Minner Fra Fortiden excels because of the bleak imagery that the band has been able to sonically conjure. It's a record that understands the beauty and fragile nature of life and which forces us to look into the shadow. 

Kalde Minner Fra Fortiden is an elegant and bleak offering, the sort of album that is going to keep listeners turning back time and time again, perpetually thrilled for the darkness within. Sicut Glacies have found a way to craft Norwegian black metal vibes into something wholly different and it is a delight to immerse yourself into the waves of darkness. Always creepy and forever unchanging, this is a wonderfully somber take on dungeon synth to accompany you through late nights in deep caverns. What more could you want?

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