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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Overthrow - Ascension of the Entombed


This EP is an absolute crusher. Overthrow are a London old school death metal band who understand the genres Satan worshiping, Belial praising glory. Overthrow prove on Ascension of the Entombed their deep understanding of crafting crushing fucking death metal and these 4 songs make for an addictive listening experience. Coming across rough and ready to fight, the production is flawless for this type of death metal and the trademark stomp that kicks off songs like "Ruptured Nebula" (Which also features an excellent "BLECH") speaks to the old school sorcery of the band. 

Though only four songs, Overthrow take us through a veritable tour de force of crushing death metal glory. From high powered solos to primitive bottom end ruptures, Ascension of the Entombed is the sound of a death metal band executing at a wonderfully high level with a deep understanding of the demonic power of the old guard. If you're looking for the next death metal force to come from the UK then this one is for you.

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