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Monday, August 7, 2023

Deadly Carnage - Endless Blue

Now this is an interesting one. Deadly Carnage are an Italian post black metal group with a clear vision and a sense of beauty in their music that few of their peers can really match up too. Their new album, Endless Blue is a broad sweeping work with deep emotional resonance, inspired by Japanese myth. It's a powerful offering and one that digs deep into the grandeur of what post black metal can be when done right. Deadly Carnage understand the power of their chosen genre and it's a delight to really get a sense of what they've cultivated here. 

Endless Blue impresses because of the breadth of the composition and the depth of the songwriting. Gorgeously layered guitars and dreamy vocals intersect to make an experience that is clearly derived from bands like Alcest or even the Japanese post black metal masters themselves, Mono. The record sounds absolutely gorgeous too, it's hard to pull of an album this ambitious without an elite mix and Deadly Carnage profit from some truly excellent sonics. It means that Endless Blue legitimately feels good to listen too and rewards listeners for really spending the time to indulge in this on a quality set of speakers or headphones. 

It's a delight to really immerse yourself in a labor of love like this. Endless Blue showcases the Italians in Deadly Carnage at the peak of their abilities. Deadly Carnage have a clear vision on this album and it feels like this long running collective has reached a new pinnacle with an album that is emotional and ensconcing. Replete with intricate sounds and impressive performances, Endless Blue is going to charm post black metal fans across the globe with its walls of sound and epic tales of times forgotten and left behind. 

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