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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Nervosa - Jailbreak

Nervosa have been through A LOT in the last few years. Not only did Prika Amaral, the mastermind behind the project completely change over the lineup since 2022, she's also taken over vocals. Most bands might balk at such a radical change in their overall setup, but Nervosa have found a way to make it all work. Jailbreak is anthemic and exciting, it fits clearly into the overarching Nervosa catalog and the band finds a way to present their work in a way that speaks to just how far they've come, whilst remaining exciting, vicious and humble. 

The thing that's always excited me about Nervosa has been their dedication to classic metal tropes. As much as they are very much an evil thrash metal band, they also are a band who value flashy guitar solos, epic guitar harmonies and big fist pumping choruses. This coalesces even further on Jailbreak whose title track is replete with these tropes, but done in a way that doesn't feel corny or sad, but rather a fitting tribute to what the band is about and honoring their influences. Nervosa find an excellent balance between the demonical thrash metal that is the core of their sound and more NWOBHM type influences which add a surprising dose of fun. 

Jailbreak is a delightfully vicious record. The power of Amaral's now trademark "Oogh" and the intensity of the rhythm section means that this record has never a dull moment. The blend of influences has never been more articulate than on this album and it feels like Nervosa are living their best lives in a way that they haven't in years. Jailbreak is going to chew you up and spit you out, and it's indicative of a band who have found a path that is wholly their own and who can't help but to excite a whole new generation of thrash fans.

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