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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Kill The King - S/T


Man - the Indian thrash metal scene is one of THE great underrated scenes in the world of metal today. Thrash masters Kill The King is just one such excellent example of what this scene is capable of. Their self titled debut which drops in six weeks is the brainchild of Gutslit and Demonic Resurrection guitarist Aditya Swaminathan. For those in the loop they already know that this is going to rule. Swaminathan has played on some of the sickest records that the Indian underground has to offer, and Kill The King is another thrilling feather in his cap. 

From the epic, high energy intro that is "Sirens" to the moody mid paced thrash of "Abuse" Kill The King find a way to express their vision in a way that is unrelenting and addictive. The bands take on thrash metal is evil and angular, unafraid to twist the knife and force listeners to choke on the bitter pill that is their sonic birthright. Kill The King may have some DIY fringes that will alienate some listeners, but for me the raw side of the recordings is counterbalanced by the quality of the songwriting and some truly impressive guitar playing. This is a band who find clear paths to devilish auditory victory and leave listeners in awe in the process. 

Kill The King are a wonderful addition to the ever thrilling Indian metal scene. With their Slayer derived assault and unrelenting commitment to sonic violence it's hard not to fall in love with this debut. The band clearly know how to put together wonderfully addictive thrash metal and do credit to the triumph of the Pune scene. Kill The King has the potential to become a cult classic. We just need to wait and see what these kids do to follow up and keep listeners in thrall with their thrash metal misery.

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