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Saturday, September 2, 2023

Suhnopfer - Nous Sommes d'Hier


Suhnopfer first came onto my radar a few years ago with their album Hic Regnant Borbanii Manes. However they've existed since 2001. It's a masterful project and one whose unique brand of so called 'baroque black metal' is certain to fascinate listeners. With their latest album  Nous Sommes d'Hier Suhnopfer lean into these elements to craft some of their most memorable work to date. The use of baroque melodies and the inclusion of authentic sounds, like horse whinnies and howling wind serve to make this a record that feels old and which captures the imagination. 

Yet beyond that - as opposed to many medieval themed black metal projects Nous Sommes d'Hier (Which translates to "We Are From Yesterday") there is a very real intensity that helps to keep listeners engaged. The directness of the delivery and the unrepenting assault that they paint throughout this album is deeply addictive. Nous Sommes d'Hier builds on the legacy of Suhnopfer in that it remains a devastating and deeply emotional listen above all else. The ferocity of the execution aside, Suhnopfer clearly understand the wonderful bitterness of this music. 

Nous Sommes d'Hier is an impressive step forward for a project that is over 20 years deep. It speaks to Suhnopfer's willingness to keep expanding and improving upon their sound and bring listeners on transcendent and thoughtful journeys through the dark. Their sound is atavistic and hints at times forgot, and that's exactly what serves to make it so addictive. Nous Sommes d'Hier is as compelling as it gets and letting yourself get immersed in the twisted layers of sound is only going to draw you deeper into the abyss.

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