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Friday, September 1, 2023

Tides of Sulfur - Apathy Chasm


This one is a crusher. Tides Of Sulfur first came on my radar in 2016 with Extinction Curse, now 7 years later they give us a follow up full length, Apathy Chasm. The bands approach is unique, while the core is certainly evil black metal, there are some really tasteful sludge and death metal elements that help to beef up the record and give Apathy Chasm a flavor all of its own. These Welsh crushers have found a sound that is on the intersection of their influences, and it makes for a record that feels wonderfully authentic and very real. 

Apathy Chasm is at its best when its crushingly heavy and delectably evil. Tracks like the nicely named "Blame Thrower" sum up this approach, with surprisingly groovy riffs slotting in nicely to black metal soundscapes and leaving listeners eager for more dark visions of a twisted world. There is a sense of torment that runs throughout this album that makes it compelling and fascinating. The way the band harnesses chaos on these songs and finds a way to make their own voice feel specific and powerful is addictive. It speaks to a group who have continually found a unique path forward that can't help but to thrill. 

It may have been nearly a decade since the last full length, but Tides Of Sulfur have made the wait worth it. Apathy Chasm is an absolutely domineering record, a release that can't help but to impress with its breadth of vision and what has been accomplished within. If you let yourself get lost in the vibes of this record it becomes hard to pull yourself out. Tides Of Sulfur have a clear and deep understanding of what it means to get loud, heavy and evil. Their take on blending genres is exciting and I hope we can hear more new music soon!

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