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Monday, September 11, 2023

Waldgeflüster - Unter bronzenen Kronen

It's been a busy few years for Waldgefluster. Since 2019 they've had some sort of release every year, and Unter bronzenen Kronen (Translated to: Under Bronze Crowns) their new EP is just another addition to a stunning pantheon. Waldgefluster will leave you in awe, as usualy with this offering, it's a record dedicated to autumn, and there is a transcendent and powerful magic to the compositions here that is sure to draw you deep into the forests as we all prepare for the season to change. This is black metal done right and it is glorious. 

The structure of this album is interesting, alongside a new original song (The title track) we hear two reimagined cover songs and then a reinterpretation of Waldgefluster's "Herbst Befiel Das Land". The end result is a really wonderfully melancholic record, full of color and the sorrow of changing seasons. Yet within it all there is something wonderfully triumphant and what Waldgefluster have accomplished here. Unter bronzenen Kronen is a monumental album, a record that understands its own internal poetry and which consistently draws listeners deeper into visions of sadness and transcendence from nature that can't be found in any other art form. 

Waldgefluster have managed to capture the sound of wandering through the forest as autumn falls. Unter bronzenen Kronen is a poetic and thoughtful offering, one that shows just how much the band has grown and how their uniquely melancholic brand of black metal is certain to capture the imagination and keep you coming back for more of the triumphant darkness that helps to bring us all into awe time and and time again. Waldgefluster are a one of a kind force in the German black metal underground, join me in bending the knee in awe of their tribute to autumn. 

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