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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Krieg - Ruiner


For over twenty five years, Krieg have been one of a kind, a veritable force in the underground fueled by black metal and bitter hatred. Though it's been nearly a decade since their last full length, in the intervening time they have unleashed a constant flow of EP's, demos splits and more ,enough to satisfy even the most obsessive fan. With Ruiner Krieg seem to have kept some of the best ideas from this last decade of creation, and put together what to me is some of their best work in a long time, and something that is impossible to look away from. 

Ruiner is monumental in its execution and vision. It's frostbitten and unrelenting, with blasting drums and tremolo picked guitars conjuring up a blizzard of sound that will leave even the most dedicated listener in awe. There is a crippling flame that burns through these songs and it's certain to leave listeners in awe as they delve ever deeper into the bitter visions and grim narrations that Krieg has crafted for us here. While the songs on Ruiner aren't some sort of massive departure from the bands previous work they are well polished and simply undeniable. It's black metal for the black metal fan, refusing to slow down and constantly proving its own sense of misery. 

Krieg understand the deep power of extreme music and leave listeners ever in awe as they delve into the bleak visions that help to keep them so exciting and fascinating to those of us who live in the underground. Ruiner is the sound of most potent darkness, audio for the end of the world, but also music that shows exactly how much Krieg have grown in the nine years since their last full length. These are some of their most impressive compositions to date and it's hard not to be enamored with what has been crafted here.

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