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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Cemetery Urn - Suffer The Fallen


Cemetery Urn play bone snapping death metal and I fucking love it. Their new album Suffer The Fallen comes out tomorrow on that most legendary of death metal labels, Hells Headbangers and it's impossible to dent the old school magic of what they have created here. This is OSDM done right, with massive, caveman riffs, unrelenting drums and glorious gutturals that stamp out tales of horror and gore. What more could a fan of the underground want to fall in love with yet another wonderfully demented band emerging from Australia. 

Primal and brutal, Suffer The Fallen is a record that belies a deep love for the old school from a band who have spent nearly two decades letting themselves showcase the crushing power of this music. It's hard not to be enamored with the brutarian stomp of these songs with their down tuned guitars and massive production. This is a death metal nerds death metal record. It offers no point of entry for beginners, but for those of us who have spent our lives in love with this music then it's hard to find something more addictive, powerful and compelling than what Suffer The Fallen lays out before us. 

Pre-order the album!

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