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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Netherdom - Forsaking, Forseeking

Monochromatic, lo fi and punishing black metal is one of the most entrancing musical genres. Such is the power of Netherdom whose new album Forsaking, Forseeking is 41 minutes of stripped back black metal fury. Leaning into the very old sound that defines a lot of the best black metal Netherdom have found ways to make this a compelling, charming and fascinating record. Pulling from the classic influences of Ulver and Paysage d'Hiver but adding elements that are wholly their own, Netherdom find a way to bind us all in the darkness. 

Forsaking, Forseeking is an intense listen, with just three tracks these songs are epic in scale and draw the listener into frozen landscapes of the sort that few of the bands peers can create. The sounds within are strangely massive, ignoring the dungeon production and showing you layers of the human condition that can hardly be accessed by anything else. As you let yourself get immersed in the crush of this record it's hard not to be thrilled with the magical soundworld that it portrays for us. This is black metal done in a way that is very much in line with the old school and unflinching in how dense it can be. There is little here for a newbie to latch on too, but instead this is a record that devotees will find themselves consistently excited for. 

Netherdom have crafted a fitting addition to the black metal pantheon, leaning into some of the most wonderfully dark elements of their sound znd consistently showing fans of the underground just how compelling the genre can be. It's a record that fans of unrelenting, meditative black metal are going to find inspiring, and one that I think those on the outside will simply gawp at and wonder why our tastes in music are so weird. Join me in indulging in the darkness, it's exactly what helps us get through. 

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