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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Mortuary Drape - Black Mirror


Mortuary Drape have long been one of the more interesting bands in the underground. Their sound is driven by fury, and a unique blend of black metal with more trad metal elements. The end result is a record that is ambitious compelling and more than a little fun. Mortuary Drape understand the inherently rock n' roll nature of black metal and they deliver it at a million miles an hour with no compromises and no room for posers to make it boring. This is the true kvlt delivering high powered hate the same way they have for decades.

One thing I find especially compelling with this release, as with most of the bands discography is the prominent place of the bass in the mix. There is a certain rollicking feel that comes from having a high powered bass guitar dancing through so many of the songs. The vision that they bring to the table with such a wide open mix gives Black Mirror a much more live feel than many of Mortuary Drape's compeers and it allows the raw, unbridled energy of the album to really shine through. This is what black metal was always meant to be about, and through the candelabras and occasionally over the top imagery it becomes all the more compelling. 

Black Mirror is a fitting step forward for Mortuary Drape. It's thrilling that nearly 40 years into their career their brand of black n' roll can keep finding ways to evolve, devolve, and generally leave listeners on the edge of their seats. The Italian black metal masters understand the core evil of the genre and their ability to execute on it time and time again only gets more impressive with time. Letting yourself get lost in the portal of darkness can't help but to fascinate. 

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