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Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Fuming Mouth - Last Day Of Sun


Ambitious, crushing and emotional. Such is the power of Fuming Mouth's crippling new album Last Day Of Sun. This is a death metal record that seems to go far beyond the limits of the genre. It's a record that while adhering to the tropes of the genre is unafraid to incorporate elements of clean vocals as well as countless other metal subgenres. It speaks to the years of hard work that went into the release and the broad vision that Fuming Mouth are projecting into the world. As intense as this release is, it's hard not to deny the enduring power of what they've done. 

I think expectations were high around this upcoming Fuming Mouth release, but nothing like this. This is a release that puts the band wholly on a new level and proves that they are among THE great death metal songwriters of the current generation. In a world where so much revolves around caveman riffs and stomping fans skulls in, Fuming Mouth have created something that goes so far beyond. The performances are simply massive, the vision is exciting and it all speaks to a larger, more potent future for what this band could one day be capable of. 

Last Day Of Sun is apocalyptic in scope and the bands willingness to keep pushing forward and find exciting new ways to develop and indulge in their sound makes for a listening experience that is all encompassing and speaks to Fuming Mouth's capabilities as musicians. The sense of urgency on this record and the depth of the performances here is thrilling. Grab a copy when it drops Friday, I think we'll be talking about this one for a long time. 

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