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Monday, November 20, 2023

Atronos - Erwachen


Melancholic, melodic and... strangely heroic, Atronos are a fascinating project whose second album Erwachen is a black metal offering like few others. A record that is massive in scope and borders on the transcendent, Erwachen encourages listeners to delve into a world of epic black metal where swords are held high and soldiers careen into battle. This is a record that is transcendent and unforgiving, black metal to guide the soul and to consistently remind listeners just how poetic and powerful the genre can be when done right. 

These are songs of Triumph and tribulation, tracks that loom larger than life and which showcase performers who can craft songs that will ring forth in your heart. As these songs play out you can see endless German forestscapes unveiling before you and strange dreams of medieval eras unravel. There is something transcendent and beautiful about the threnodies presented here and their atavistic beauty. This is black metal that draws you deep into the past and uses this as a mirror for the human condition. It's wonderfully compelling stuff that gets right to the heart of what the genre was supposed to be about in the first place. 

Erwachen is a delightful listen. As I sit here on a chilly Monday morning I needed a record that would have the power to transport me somewhere else. This is the perfect record for doing exactly that, for proving that within all of us there is still the beating heart of the old world. So raise your sword to the sky and prepare for the endless, bountiful magic of Atronos splaying out for you in all of its glory on Erwachen. If you are looking for your next glorious black metal journey, search no more, Atronos are here to whisk you away. 

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