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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Madder Mortem - Old Eyes, New Heart

Darkly ambitious, psychedelic, and in many ways timeless, the music of Madder Mortem is a fascinating document of a Norwegian group who have found a way to launch themselves into a league of their own. This is artsy progressive metal done right. Old Eyes, New Heart elegantly uses a thoughtful range of influences and ideas in order to craft a record that is ambitious exciting, and indicative of a band who still have many ideas to share with the world as they continue to grow and bring their art to bold and strange new heights. 

Old Eyes, New Heart is striking because of how talented the members of this group clearly are. At any given point you'll be charmed by larger than life vocal performances, thrilling jazz bass lines or off kilter guitar chords that speak to true musical mastery. Such is the enduring power of Old Eyes, New Heart and the vision that Madder Mortem are bringing to the table. Their ability to dance between these ideas, from raging metal to thoughtful prog is delightful. Rather than sounding like a hodge podge of sounds, they present the band as something much more grandiose, exciting and oddly beautiful. Perfect Sunday afternoon listening. 

Madder Mortem can't help but to impress. This is a record that perfectly embodies everything that is interesting, inspiring and thought provoking within the Norwegian progressive metal scene. It's a record that leaps from peak to peak and leaves you desperate to hear more from the band. Madder Mortem have gone above and beyond here and Old Eyes, New Heart is guaranteed to leave listeners in awe, curious and desperately digging ever deeper to find new layers in what they have been able to create for all of us.

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