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Saturday, November 18, 2023

March To Die - Tears Of The Gorgon


There's really something to be said for a band who are unafraid to draw deep from a well of influences that include early Manowar, Viking era Bathory and  Grand Magus. This is exactly what March To Die bring to the table on their new album Tears Of The Gorgon. Yes there are certainly elements that feel a little bit cheesy with a band like this (There's literally a song called "Helmetsmasher" for God's sake) but that's beside the point. Tears Of The Gorgon is an exciting, captivating and ambitious record that leans into so many of the classic tropes that have helped to make this such a compelling band in the first place.

It's hard to deny yourself the swords and sorcery triumph of what March To Die have accomplished here. While this is certainly a record that goes over familiar ground, the bands approach is remarkably earnest, and it feels like the particular micro genre they serve gets smaller and smaller with every passing year. There is a refreshing honesty to the music of March To Die with the grizzled, half shouted vocals, stripped back mix and punchy guitar riffs. It's not always the most imaginative thing, but by God is it a lot of fun. Tears Of The Gorgon is exactly the sort of high flying Dungeons and Dragons inspired adventure that so many of us need to get through the most mundane of workdays. 

In so many ways, March To Die have gone above and beyond on this record. They set out with the goal of crafting a metal album that paid tribute to specific eras of Bathory and Manowar and they did it with aplomb. The end result is a roughshod but wonderfully epic offering, a release that would not have felt out of place in the 80s. March To Die eschew modern production and instead lean into fun, big choruses and charming vocals. Tears Of The Gorgon is an endlessly endearing release and one that true metal fans the world over will love. 

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