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Monday, November 27, 2023

Úlfarr - Orlegsceaft


Now this is a stunner. Those in the know have been quietly following Ulfarr for a few years now , especially as project mainman Hrafn created similarly excellent music with Thy Dying Light, Nefarious Dusk and Morte Lune. But now he has returned with the debut full length from Ulfarr and this is a stunner. A record that feels triumphant and crushingly evil, in the same way that many of the old greats gave off the same sentiment, it's hard for devotees of the genre not to fall in love with what has been done throughout this record. 

While Orlegsceaft is certainly not reinventing the steel the execution throughout the record is immaculate. Ulfarr has found ways to portray their music in bold new ways with unrelenting blast beats and tremolo picking coming off as wonderfully triumphant odes to fist pumping black metal slaughter. There is an undeniable magic and sense of ancient bloodthirst that permeates this record. It feels like an album that really does fulfill black metals promise of inverting so many Christian ideals, resulting in a record that is compelling, tortured and beautifully indicative of so many of the things that make this such a worthwhile genre in the first place. 

Orlegsceaft is a potent listen. Even as tremlo picked riffs rain down from the sky like so many arrows, the band pads out their compositions with elegant synths and larger than life compositions certain to keep listeners deeply engaged. There is a sense of the sublime that permeates so many aspects of Ulfarr's work and exploring the myriad depths of this album only highlights that. Orlegsceaft is a triumph, one that denis so much of the prettiness of modern black metal in ordeer to get somethign that feels older and becomes all the more entrancing.

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