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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Guhts - Regeneration


I think that Guhts like the Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas album. But guess what? That album rules. And by extension - Guhts rule! After years of hard work their debut full length, Regeneration is finally here and it's a truly impressive offering, one that is broad scope, larger than life and which elegantly brings together a broad swathe of influences, not just Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas, but also Subrosa, Deftones, Battle of Mice and Jarboe. It is an intense and interesting listen, a record that seems eager to keep on giving even through multiple spins. 

Regeneration impresses because of the ambition of the release. Yet even in its boldest moments, like the ten minute album closer "The Wounded Healer" one never gets the sense that Guhts are trying to punch above their weight class. Instead these songs like beautifully natural extensions of the artists themselves, testimonies to their hard work and transcendent, epic compositions that will draw you in for spin after spin. This is music that goes above and beyond, which is unashamed in its ambition to grow and which gets incredibly, unabashedly emotional.. The rawness of these emotions and the warmth of the guitar tones creates a strange sonic space where sitting back and crying feels not just appropriate, but welcome. 

Guhts have really gone above and beyond with this release. It's a record that hints at an impressive future for the band, and which even in the short term is going to be enough to turn heads. It's a fitting document to a time and a place, and a band who have found a way to distill their influences into an impressive addition to the canon. Regeneration is a thriller any way you slice it, bombastic, raw and wonderfully emotional. If you're looking for a post metal offering to carry you to strange new sonic landscapes, this is the one for you.

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