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Sunday, November 12, 2023

Undulation - An Unhealthy Interest In Suffering

Deeply intense, emotional and above all, weird, Undulation have left me, and many other listeners in awe with their thrilling new release, An Unhealthy Interest In Suffering. Already out on Bandcamp but due out physically with I, Voidhanger on December 15th, this is an incredibly intense, deep and challenging release that even the most hardened blackened death metal stalwart is going to find at times difficult to get in, but by God is it rewarding. This is the sort of intense, ritualistic and weird blackened death metal that so many of us crave. 

An Unhealthy Interest In Suffering is defined by off kilter guitars, eerie synths and otherworldly compositions that couch the bands unique brand of blackened death metal in a soundworld that is surreal and consistently challenging. Undulation crack skulls in bold new ways and the diversity of their sound makes this record, even though it's a mere 28 minutes, feel much longer than that. This is one of the most diversely executed albums I've heard in a good long time and the bands ability to meld dark and light, all in the name of a creepy, hellish and skull melting vibe makes for some wonderfully engaging and thought provoking listening. 

For many, most aspects of Undulation are going to be a turn off. They have taken the framework presented by bands like The Black Dahlia Murder and Wolves In The Throne Room and made it significantly denser, more challenging and dramatically more weird. Yet for those of us who long for this sort of thing, who ifnd beauty in the obscura and joy in the most impenetrable of compositions, then An Unhealthy Interest In Suffering is sure to keep you coming back, thrilled for the blasphemous weirdness that defines the band. 

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