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Saturday, November 11, 2023

Spectral Lore - 11 Days


Spectral Lore have always had a special place in my heart. Since discovering them way back in 2014 I have always been enthralled with their unique blend of sounds, the dexterity of the performances and the scope of the compositions. 11 Days is another step forward in that regard, but it's also much more. With 11 Days Spectral Lore is protesting against the European Union's treatments of refugees and migrants, tens of thousands of whom have died, drowning in the Mediterranean. This transcendent and exploratory black metal album is their response to that. 

11 Days thrills with the raw intensity of the sound, the emotion unveiled and the drama of the performances. This is black metal done with intent, that draws on so many layers of Spectral Lore mastermind Ayloss's career, from the eerie synths that decorate some tracks with their electronic wizardry to the more straight up black metal performances, all by way of virtuosic guitar execution that can't help but to thrill, charm and mesmerize those who have dedicated their lives to this particular brand of underground blasphemy. This is black metal done with passion and verve, and with a political drive, Spectral Lore seem more focused than ever. 

This is a transcendent and exciting record that, at it's finest, bring the reality of the struggle into vicious, visceral being. It's a record that gouges at your soul and reminds listeners that all is not right in the world, but we have the power, together, to make things slightly better. 11 Days is the sound of the world melting down, of refugees suffering, and of us having to confront our realities as westerners. It makes the listeners ask themselves, will they be on the right side of history? Or will they let it crumble?

Grab the album and support refugees and migrants!

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