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Friday, December 15, 2023

Cherym - Take It Or Leave It


Time for a break from our regularly scheduled black metal content to enjoy the fun, dancey pop punk magic of Cherym! Their new album Take It Or Leave It is an incredible outpouring of emotion, from cheerful anthems and rippers about breakups to heartfelt bangers about the struggle of being a woman in 2023. There is something to be said for a band who find a way to delve into all these emotions and keep the vibes so damn good. It's exactly what we all need to be searching for from a new record that just keeps giving. 

Take It Or Leave It is a rager. It's really that simple. Even though the range of emotions presented is deep, the band never really feels the need to slow down or abandon their sugary sweet guitar tones. Instead we are presented with ten tracks of high powered, and truly immaculately written pop punk. And I think that's what resonates the most, through it all, Cherym are incredible songwriters and their work consistently levels up as they grow as a band. This is pop punk done right, with clear ambition, vision and a sense that this music can be what saves us all. 

I've come across very few bands who deeply understand the nature and power of pop punk the way Cherym do. They cash in fully on its twin promises of deeply emotional songs and providing good times, often within the context of the same piece of music. Their work is fully fleshed out and articulately tells the story of who Cherym are, what they believe and what brings their music to the next level. Take It Or Leave It is going to be making the rounds in feminist pop punk circles and beyond, mark my words.

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