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Saturday, December 16, 2023

Romuvos - Spirits


Romuvos are a truly fascinating new pagan metal band emerging from Lithuania and now based in Berlin. Cutting through the noise of a crowded scene full of pretenders and those who seek to don traditional instruments and clothing in the hope of making a buck, Spirits is the sound of a band who are far beyond that. Their Baltic inspired sound fuses traditional folk music with metal in a way that feels elegant, natural and exciting. There is something wonderfully epic about what Romuvos have accomplished on Spirits, making the 4 year wait between albums worth it. 

Spirits impresses because of the breadth of the compositions. A song like "World Tree" feels powerful and larger than life in many ways. It's hard not to be entranced with the massive chants and gorgeous guitars that underpin the whole thing and leave listeners eager to hear more and delve ever deeper into what's been accomplished here. Romuvos have gone above and beyond to impress with the compositions that shape Spirits. It's the sort of thing where it feels like the bands growth really needed 4 albums to get here, but now that they've arrived they are unleashing something that is incredibly engrossing and compelling for fans of this scene. 

I went into this album thinking it would be another reflection of an overplayed scene. I come out in awe of a band who are clearly among the best songwriters in the genre and whose back catalog I really need ot spend more time with. Romuvos are masterful, from their multilayered vocal harmonies to the youth of a jaw harp, their work is entrancing and will ensconce you in sound. Dive into the magic and let yourself get carried away. It is more than worth it.

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