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Thursday, December 21, 2023

Hellman - Born, Suffering, Death


Born, Suffering, Death is the high powered and delightfully crushing new release from Hellman. This is Entombed worshiping death 'n' roll at its finest, unleashing countless riffs under a storm of barked vocals and high powered drums. It's an abrasive, unforgiving listen, and one that fans of the underground are going to quickly find themselves digging into. these Chilean metal maniacs seem capable of pushing their sound to bold new heights, and it's hard not to lose yourself in their stripped down, gut crushing musical visions. 

Hellman understand the core tenets of death 'n' roll on a fundamental level, and it makes this debut full length all the more compelling. At its best Born, Suffering, Death is crippling in its assault. It pulls back the genre to its core assets and leaves listeners thrilled for more. This is what the genre was always meant to be about and now I'm curious to see how much further they can take the core tenets of their sound and what more is to come.

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