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Monday, December 18, 2023

Sad - Black Metal Craft


Pure, cold, unflinching, immaculate, the wintry monochromaticism of Sad has risen once more from Greece to impress us all with their new album Black Metal Craft. Sad continue to deliver black metal stripped to the bone and guaranteed to impress. The frozen nature of their sound is wonderfully compelling and it's hard not to be enamored with the driving power of the work they present here. Yes, it's not reinventing the steel, but it is damn good 90s style black metal for those of us who haven't gotten quite chilly enough. 

Black Metal Craft inspires because of the relentless nature of the songwriting and the unflinching attacks that help to make Sad such a compelling band in the first place. The driving nature of a song like "Sickening Euphoria" is hard to deny, and the punishing assault that they continually bring to the table speaks to how much they've managed to consistently grow as a band. This is a record that sees Sad leaning into their strengths, stripped back riffs, blasting drums and an overarching sense that the long winter has at long last settled upon us. In other words it's going to be perfect winter listening when it drops worldwide this Friday. 

Sad are Greek black metal gods at this point. With nearly 20 years of music behind them and a whole litany of releases (This is their eighth full length, to say nothing of countless splits and EP's) they have proven that they are devout to the true underground and won't stop crafting ever more twisted visions until their hearts fully freeze over. Black Metal Craft is the next step in this legacy and it's hard to deny the imposing presence it has upon our souls. Spin it today and find yourself lost once more in the demented time wastes of one of Greece's best bands. 

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