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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

The Clamps - Megamouth

Well this is a really fun one. The Clamps are a fuzzy speed rock and roll band who are clearly just as in love with punk rock as they are high volumes and good times. Their new album Megamouth is a wonderfully fun offering from the Italians and it speaks to their high energy talents. It's hard not to be enamored with the sonic world that The Clamps present and the magic that Megamouth delivers for all of us who just want to slam beers to killer riffs and sing along to massive choruses with our friends. It's an ass shaking good time if there ever was one! 

Megamouth is the sound of rock and roll distilled to its purest and most fun form. The Clamps are very much a product of their influences, bands like Fu Manchu and The Hellacopters. The end result is rock and roll that you don't need to think too hard about but which is guaranteed to get you stoked! One thing that stands out in particular though is the drum performance. The energetic execution on tracks like "Roll Back The Years" with myriad rolls and fills decorating the sound underneath far too fun guitar solos makes for a record that you can't help but to come back too. This is rock and roll designed for tail gates and good times after all. 

This is a powerful record, a record that is going to make you want to dance and scream, a record that perfectly understands what makes their influences so great and then executes on it at a million miles an hour. Megamouth is a blast, there's no two ways about it and The Clamps understand exactly what makes for a fun riff or a fist pumping chorus without ever losing sight of their core sound. Stoner riffs about, but done with an energy that makes them addictive. Megamouth has captured my heart and I'll be revisiting it regularly.

Pre-order the album!

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