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Saturday, December 30, 2023

The Vice - Dead Canary Run


Dead Canary Run is one of the more interesting takes on black metal that I have heard in a good long while. The Vice have a unique sound blending black metal with death pop and bizarrely danceable rock music. The end result is a record that can't help but to thrill and which seems to consistently drive The Vice into unique new sonic highways. This album is like black metal by way of Husker Du and it makes for some remarkably compelling compositions that can't help but to keep me coming back, curious for more of this distinctly interesting release. 

The Vice have a clear vision that helps to make this release truly compelling. Normally I think for bands like this that try to eschew genres they get a little too ambitious and it works against them - but The Vice find a way to build a trajectory that makes sense and is continually compelling. There is a very real breadth to the vision that The Vice bring to the table here and nothign feels out of place - rather it is a continuous extension on the same thing, a fresh take on extreme music that doesn't feel too much pressure to be extreme. Instead what you get here is a sense that The Vice have traveled a long road building up their sound and this is the end result of years of hard work. 

Creepy, powerful and ambitious, Dead Canary Run is a truly fun and inspiring listen, a record that is going to keep you coming back and which has a delicious dose of underground witchery to fascinate and inspire. Listening to Dead Canary Run reminds me of bands like Tribulation or even Ghost, but only in the sense that this is rock music taken to weird new heights. The Vice have found a voice that is wholly their own and Dead Canary Run is the ultimate expression of this vision, one that I know I'll be coming back too time and time again.


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