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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

The Oldest House - A Worm Through Time

The Oldest House is a fascinating sludge/doom solo project from A.M the enigmatic frontperson of one of my favorite acts, Aversio Humanitatis. This solo record an absolutely monolithic and borderline terrifying effort that leans into many of the darkest sides of the genre with its multifarious and weird compositions, visionary songwriting and overarching sense of torment, guaranteed to keep listeners glued to their seats. Through it all though there remain enough musical surprises to make this more than 'just another' doom/sludge record but instead an album that seems to claw at the soul.  

What impresses with The Oldest House is their ability to color a downtrodden doom metal style with other genres, be it the weirdly post punk bridge of "Interdimensional Mold" or the open throated chanting of "The Painting On The Wall". It's a really rewarding listen for anyone who has delved deep into the compositions here and it is a fitting reminder of the power of the underground. It's hard not to be enamored with a record that is both as intensely personal but also as capable of crafting vast sonic landscapes. 

The Oldest House is at it's best when A.M is decorating the sludge/doom core of the record with influences from other genres. No one needs to listen to this record to just 'zone out out the riffs bro'. A Worm Through Time is much more an album about experiencing apocalyptic, world ending suffering. If you're looking from a truly doomed release that seems certain to drag you deep into the depths of hell and force you to choke upon the bitter sulfur of our unfortunate unreality, then A Worm Through Time is the album for you. 

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