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Monday, December 11, 2023

Wrath Of Logarius - Necrotic Assimilation


Necrotic Assimilation is the debut EP from Wrath of Logarius, They are yet another entry in the rapidly burgeoning US black metal scene. Dubbing their music "Formless black metal", Wrath of Logarius have found a way to craft the darkness of their sound with ideas that are bleak and transcendental. Bringing in both blackened death metal savagery and post black metal poetry, often within the same song, Wrath Of Logarius have proven capable of breathing new life into so many of the twisted layers of the underground. It's compelling stuff. 

Wrath Of Logarius are constantly hinting at new and bizarre futures. Their sound is unafraid to borrow from a whole swathe of sources, and though this EP is a mere 19 minutes long, it hints at a future for the band that is unbent and unbroken. Their fresh take on the genre is exciting and one can't help but to wonder where Wrath Of Logarius are going to be taking this unique and fresh set of sounds next. It's just about letting yourself get lost in the Necrotic Assimilation and letting the sonic sorcery carry you forward. What's not to love?

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