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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Acathexis - Immerse

Acathexis is defined as a lack of emotional response to significant memories or interactions, or more broadly the absence of expected feelings. This seems like a surprising name for an atmospheric black metal band whose music is wonderfully emotional, but here we are. Acathexis is an internationally based project with members in Belgium, Argentina and the USA. Their new album Immerse is the bands first offering in six years and it is a barn burner. This is searing atmospheric black metal certain to capture the listeners imagination and carry them somewhere darker. 

There is something wonderfully compelling and strangely addictive about the music of Acathexis. This is a record that leans into endless tremolo picking and twisted, gnarly vocals that serve to create an overarching vibe that is wholly undeniable. The sense of torment that undercuts this album is potent and is certain to entrance listeners of all stripes. Immerse is compelling because of how deep the compositions go and the wizardry that Acathexis bring to the table. It's exciting listening and a record that was clearly a labor of love. It may have taken the band six years to conjure up another full length, but the listening experience is more than worth it. 

Immerse is a record you are going to want to well.. immerse yourself in. It's a record that blazes forward and uses a variety of impressive songwriting tricks and ideas to put the band in a soundworld that is wholly ensconcing. This album certainly isn't reinventing the steel, but it is bringing listeners into a sonic universe that they are going to love experiencing and indulging in its myriad layers is certain to get your heart pounding. Prepare for this album to drop on the always excellent Amor Fati label in March - it will capture your dreams. 

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